10 – 12 November 2022 | Sofia Tech Park

National Forum on Contemporary Space Research 2022


The leading event on space in Bulgaria.

The National Forum on Contemporary Space Research (NAFSKI) seeks to demonstrate the latest breakthroughs and achievements of space science and technology.

NAFSKI is organized by Space Branch of the UPB. It gathers leading researchers and innovators from Bulgaria and beyond, creating new opportunities for collaboration.

10 - 12

November 2022


Sofia Tech Park

Business in Space (10 November)

The Business in Space day panels will showcase the latest trends in core space industry sectors - launch, satellite platforms, satellite data, space-based services for business, as well as available opportunities for institutional synergies.

Science in Space (11 November)

Results from participation in international scientific collaborations, as well as new research achievements will be the focus of Science in Space day.

Education for Space (12 November)

The Education for Space day will present the state of STEM education in Bulgaria through various discussions, university presentations and student space science and engineering initiatives.

Meet the space sector in person.

Organized by

Branch Cosmos UPB
Sfera Technologies
Faculty of Physics, Sofia U
Sofia University



Government support

Ministry of Innovation and Growth


America for Bulgaria Foundation

Business in Space

10 November

09:30 – 18:30

The estimated value of the space economy stands at $470 billion in 2022, while Citi forecasts space industry revenues to reach $1 trillion by the year 2040. Vast new opportunities are opening up for business to both participate and benefit from space activities. 

The Business in Space segment will meet the local ecosystem and leading space companies, giving insight into some of the most innovative solutions on the market. The day will focus on the following topics: 

  • Launch services and orbital mobility
  • Small satellites and software in space
  • Satellite data & downstream
  • Trends in satellite communications
  • Engagement between public institutions and private space

Business in Space will shed light on the industry’s latest achievements, potential hurdles and challenges to growth in the industry, and new opportunities for commercial activity. A dedicated networking session will allow participants to explore new collaboration opportunities.

Science is the source of space innovation. Fundamental science is the main arena of non-commercial international collaboration in space, while applied science brings great discoveries closer to practical benefit.

The Science in Space segment is dedicated to the newest Bulgarian achievements in space science, participation in international projects, and R&D work by young scientists. The program includes:

  • STELLAR session and info day
  • LOFAR-BG info day
  • Science lectures and reports
  • PhD research session
  • Poster session

Science in Space is meant to raise awareness on local research efforts and create a platform for domestic and international collaborations, discussions, exchange of ideas and new opportunities for young scientists.

Science in

11 November

09:30 – 18:30

Education for Space

12 November

09:30 – 18:30

The introduction of STEM subjects and popularization of engineering and scientific programs across different levels of education are key ingredients of a strong space sector. 

Education for Space will present programs of different educational institutions in the field of space. The state of affairs and perspectives for space education in Bulgaria will be addressed through several thematic discussions.

  • Overview of educational programs in higher education
  • Presentation of educational initiatives
  • Discussion panels

Education for Space day seeks to address the requirements of educational institutions. The focus of this segment is to help design a STEM environment that effectively cultivates engineers and scientists who will build a better tomorrow.

Publishing the forum proceedings

The proceedings from NaFSKI-III were published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 2668 (2023).


NaFSKI-III was held at The Venue Hall, Incubator Building of Sofia Tech Park, Tsarigradsko Shose 111 boulevard.



Venelin KOZHUHAROV (Faculty of Physics)

Galin GYULCHEV (Faculty of Physics)

Elisaveta PENEVA (Faculty of Physics)

Kamen KOZAREV (Institute of Astronomy, BAS)

Marusya BACHVAROVA (Space Research & Technology Institute, BAS)

Stoyan MISHEV (New Bulgarian University)


Vladimir BOZHILOV (Faculty of Physics)

Dobrinka SMOLETSOVA (Institute of Astronomy, BAS)

Gergana GUEROVA (Faculty of Physics)

Zdravko DIMITROV (Sfera Technologies)

Irina GANCHEVA (Faculty of Physics)

Stefan LALKOVSKI (Faculty of Physics)