Branch Cosmos

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About us

Branch Cosmos of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria (UPB) was founded in February 2020 with the goal of raising awareness of the latest Bulgarian achievements in fundamental space science, space technology, and space education.  Our activities, publications and events seek to raise the profile of space activities both at home and abroad.


We foster cooperation between science, business and education. We create visibility for our researchers and innovators.


National Forum for Contemporary Space Research
The National Forum for Contemporary Space Research (NAFSKI) showcases the latest breakthroughs in space science, technology and industry.

Summer school

Summer school on space research, technology and applications
The summer school is a meeting place for PhDs and scientists. New skills and knowledge are acquired during a week of engineering workshops and lectures.

Space program

Proposal for a national space science program
The National Space Science Program was developed by the Bulgarian academic community. Its fundamental and applied modules are designed to foster cutting-edge space innovation.